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felt on my body

    It has been over two years since you have disappeared but I have not gone a day without searching for you. I fill my day with distractions but you’re always on my mind. I look for ways to forget about you but each reason I find seems to only bring me back to our beginning.
    I look back to the first time we met and how natural it was for us. Strangers only for an instant, we quickly turned into an old pair. We went everywhere together; we were always seen together; we occupied each other’s hearts. Of all the people who saw us, we were always held in awe; we were perfect for each other.
    Hand in hand we coursed the minefields and the crowds in a thrill of wonder and excitement. I still remember how your hands held onto mine so tightly and how in the heat of that moment there was a flash, a magical beating of the heart. If I had known that it would be the last beat my heart would ever make, I would have tried to spend it a moment longer with you.
    As suddenly as you came, you then disappeared back into the shadows. I know I was in the wrong and you would think that everyday I’d wish to take it back. But the reason I did what I did in the first place was because I did not want to regret; I do not regret now. I took a chance, perhaps too bold a chance, but I did what was right by my heart. I risked it all and lost; now I just wait for the day that you return to me somehow.


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  • felt on my body
  • felt on my body
  • felt on my body