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    So, here's an original story. Its the weekend, and I have literally nothing to do for a whole two days. So I bust out my Venom zentai and called a friend over. However, this wasn't going to any regular adventure. After my friend arrived, I proceeded to place 3 hits or acid (around 100ug each) underneath my tongue. It was a cold night out, but I knew the zentai would act similar to under armor and keep me warm as I roamed the area. The first hour was fine, but as the drugs kicked in, the suit seemed to become strangling, almost as if it was merging with my skin. Another half an hour, I was about ready to take it off, until I started to peak. That was when things became beautiful. The white lines of the suit, normally straight and perfect, became their own separate entity. Each of the lattices moving and twisting, as if they were breathing and trying to float off the suit. I put on some cloths overtop of the suit and proceeded to go for a bike ride, enjoying every minute of it. While eventually, I was forced to take off the suit about 4 hours after dosing due it becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I will not forget when it I saw it constantly moving and breathing, this wonderful monster, becoming one with me.

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