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felt on my body

    I love zentai, but I think I was weird, because who does not like it should. after I saw the video on youtube, I saw a lot of videos that serve about zentai and latex rubber. and honestly, I'm very curious. finally im buying zentai for first time, local made. when i first try it's very comfort .... (feels very horny). This time I've had 5 zentai,,,, I still want to continue to add to the collection. but the greatest obsession is like to wear zentai with friends. but it is very scary that when asking a friend to wear it,,, like a taboo. until one day my best friend visiting me, and because it was my close friend, I asked him with a little force to wear zentai for reasons only for personal photos and fun. finally my friend willing and true fad, and I think he enjoy it too. another one who has not achieved my dream is to wear zentai outdoors, be sure it feels exciting. That's a little story about my experience with zentai.

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