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    It was year 2115 and in this age all human race be divide into 2 classes. The earth class and the space class. I am born to become the space class because my parents was the first pioneer in this space class. At that time all space human will doing all space program as the Origin Human Race in earth make. It fist time I become Sylph . It my job for delivery all the item and human treasured to any place and all around the space. Swimming through the sky is my motto. Whit the white and tight yellow full body uniform im ride my air gondola through the space and air. The wind was blowing but I still standing. Thanks to the suit. Is tight and make me comfortable and make me easy to driving in height speed in sky. And in same time I’m enjoy it it.
One day I need to delivery the box. Is made from wood and is rare item coz in this age time we use titanium or mitril box to put the item save inside it. In this age the wooden box is expensive and I need to delivery it to the rich sky mansion near marsh moon. I found the mansion and im arrive at the mansion garden and saw a young girl whit long white silver hair. When she see me she run and say “ it fist time I’m have seen the real Sylph. Ouh and you are male ! “ she say. Is little bit make me embarrassed, but I feel so glad because this girl admire me. And she say “ im want to be like you. The Sylph!”
One year after that I receive the mail from the unknown person. In the mail image is seen like Sylph uniform and it asking me to meet him at the place name Neo Venesia is capitol city at Marsh. I waiting his in my sky gondola, and one person coming near whit board. Is most speedy sky vehicle. And I saw his body in tight yellow full body uniform. Is not he but she! Is girl. She open her helmet and I remember she is the young girl whit long white silver hair. And at the time she say. “ do you like to become my partner?” and I glad we meet again. Hope we can become more closer.
Our relationship become more closer. After job be done we like to dive into sky in her sky board. We going to place when couple meet. But our relationship is not longer. Her father don’t like me because I’m just normal people not like him. Noble and rich family. They try to separating our relationship and wanted his daughter to marry whit other rich family. And one day she come to me and say I need to save my life if not her family will come to kill me.
We running away whit her sky board and at the moment one shot be fire at some ware that we cannot see. I’m try to dodge the fire shot and after that more fire shot be shooting at our sky board. Our sky board be hit by the fire shot and we be falling down at 4km from the sky. She try to huge me and I can feel her. “what need to be done is must be done. “ she say. She throw away her helmet and open my helmet glass shield . she wipe my blood at my face and we kissing for fist time and it also the last time will be doing it. She hugging me tightly and she say “ I can feel you dear” and we fall to the sea. Is dark and cold. But when im trying to open my eye and I found my self under the table. That was my dreaming. Heheh.. ouh im wearing zentai suit that time. Hahah.


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