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      Every Year I go to a furry Convention in Pittsburgh PA called Anthrocon.They have late night raves and I go dressed in my various zentai outfits. I alternate every night as I wear one night a cheetah zentai,then a tiger zentai, and finally a zebra zentai. I dance all night in these outfits, and I always have a good time shaking my tail, and, near exotic dancing under the flashing lights and steady pounding beat. Dancing like this, I feel aroused as I wear only my zentai and nothing else.
I love to dance sexy and erotic while wearing these outfits. I have gotten so bored and horny I am ready to dirty dance with anyone that becomes interested in me while I near dirty dance out there in front of everyone.
As a matter of fact, one time I was part of a conga line and some guy did reach over and rubbed my zentai covered chest as I danced by him. Personally, I wished he would have rubbed and caressed my body more. To tell the truth, I wished he would have caressed and rubbed lower down my aroused and sweating body.

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