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This is my story:
In 1996 I was 14 years old, and I was writing a fantastic novel about the future. There I described the clothes of the members of some special forces, some mixture of the police and monks: tight suits that were covering all the body, including the face, and the colour of the suit had some meaning. By that moment I had never seen any images of Spiderman or other superheroes, they were almost completely unknown in my country, so it was my own fantasy. Several years later I occasionally found in the internet some fetish sites with exactly the same suits that I described in my novel. Really, I was shocked. In 2003 I ordered my first suit just to try it on; it was rather expensive at that time, because there were no Chinese companies in this business - only European and American. Maybe my body didn't look perfect in that suit, but not too bad. Anyway, I was disappointed that the internet users were considering that zentai suits are only a sexual fetish, or some special clothes for perfomances, because I thought that some day zentai should become one of the main types of clothes for ordinary life. Only in 2009 or 2010 massively appeared the images and videos showing people in zentai at the streets, parks and other public places. That is really what I was waiting for. Let's see what the future will bring to us. Best regards,
Ivan (

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