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     Zentai has been a wonderful and positive life experience. I recently 22 years old and currently own 9 suits. I actually had 12 suits at one point, but there was one point in my “Zentai Career” where I felt like I had to pass a certain torch. Recently, I finished school and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Oswego, New York. Upon my departure from the school, I gave away three of my suits to one person who was really into my lovely hobby, but didn’t have the funds to acquire their own suit.
    I saw this as an opportunity to pass the torch and spread the joys of zentai. To me, zentai is a healthy method to fighting stress. When everyone else around me is drinking, smoking, or doing other such things to deal with their stress, I turn to zentai. Zentai itself adds a warm and comfortable sensation when I and many other zentai lovers come to know and love. Now that I don’t have any studying to worry about I’m in zentai on a daily basis and since we’re in the process of season change from Summer to Fall, I will have much more reason to wear zentai. (I found that Fall/Autumn makes for a great Zentai wearing season). I had gotten my first zentai suit when I was 17-years old and now that I’m 22-years old I hope to double my collection of delicious zentai, as well as find my own “Zentai Partner”.

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