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    Mistress Eve and myself were at a hotel for a big convention. After we got all settled into our hotel room, Eve had me change into my recently put together puppy outfit. It consisted of a red, full-body zentai suit, black corset, skirt, kneepads, gloves, and hood. In addition, I also wore my black boots with the red flames, my obedience dog collar that pinches when pulled, and a new doggy-bone gag harness I had made with attached puppy ears. Eve seemed to like the completed outfit, and once everyone was ready she clipped on my leash and we headed out to find some fun. Once we were in the hallway, she ordered me "Down!", and I immediately got on all fours and crawled to keep up with her walking pace as best as I could. My vision was very limited due to the zentai hood, so that I could hardly see past her high-heeled boots. The kneepads and padded gloves were a blessing, but it was still very hard work, and by the end of the first hallway, I was already breathing hard.
As she turned the corner, there was a flight of stairs leading down. I hesitated, but a sharp tug on my leash told me that I was expected to crawl my way down the stairs. Remembering my old basic training in boot camp, I kept my 3 balance points and quickly crawled my way down the stairs, keeping my Mistress's boots in sight the whole way. The next hallway took us outside for a brief time, and I just kept on crawling. My world consisted of her boots and the painful tug of the leash on my collar. I would follow those boots anywhere, without question.
We passed several people, I know, because I could see their legs in my peripheral vision, or hear my Mistress talk to them. But it was all very surreal. Outside of my world. I could tell simply from the stance my Mistress took and the tone of her voice whether they were friendly or hostile. Would they come over and pet me? Or would I need to defend her? I was equally ready and willing to do both. We continued down hallway after hallway, seemingly endless. I kept a mental map in my head of where we were, but it was a map of the world seen on all fours. I overhead my Mistress asking if anyone knew where the auditorium was, and I tried pulling on the leash to help lead her where I thought it was. Eventually, we found it, but the Rocky Horror show that had been playing was just ending. We waited just inside the door as the play ended, and I kneeled at her feet, ready and vigilant. As the audience began to leave, they all passed right by us, as she had apparently stopped right by the exit door to the auditorium. Everyone in the crowd passed right by me, and I studied their legs and feet. Several stopped to admire or say a kind word. Some even asked to pet me, which I'm not sure whether it pleased me or my Mistress more. The remainder of the people either ignored us or passed with an odd look upon their face.
After the show cleared out, Eve decided that she was hungry, and we headed for the Denny's next door to the hotel. It was quite late at night by this point and the hotel and restaurant were both filled with convention goers, so we weren't worried about there being any young children about. On our way out of the hotel, we passed a police officer. He just smiled and nodded, and continued on his way. Once in the parking lot, Eve said "Stand!" and I was once again a human. She left all of my outfit in place, but allowed me the privilege of walking as we crossed the street and parking lot on the way to the restaurant. Even once we were inside and she had ordered us both food, she instructed me to keep my hood and gag in place. She was kind enough to get me a glass of water with a straw, which I could sip around the gag if I was careful and drink straight through the zentai hood. Once the food came, I was forced to sit and smell it while I watched everyone else eat. Our waitress was very kind, and thought the situation was rather funny. When everyone was done eating, we asked the server for a doggy bag, and I carried the food back to our hotel.
As soon as we were back on the hotel premises, I was once again instructed to crawl on all fours. We passed the ladies at the front desk for perhaps the fourth or fifth time that night, and Eve made a passing remark about giving your pets enough exercise, to which they agreed and gave a cheerful laugh. We made our way through several of the hotel's hallways, stopping several times at the various parties going on. None of them were very entertaining, so we eventually headed back to our room. Eve asked me if I knew the way, which I did, and allowed me to walk in front and lead the way.
It wasn't until we finally got back to our room that Eve allowed me to stand up again, and then to take out the gag. At that point, I had been wearing the gag for at least 4 hours, but possibly longer as I hadn't really been keeping track of the time. My Mistress said that I had done a good job being her pet, and told me that I'd be rewarded as we headed for the bed..

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