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felt on my body

    It all started when I went to a Flash Mob in the city where I wore a green bodysuit like zentai. Ever since then, I'll be collecting different zentai suits. I have like 8 or 9 suits in red, purple,yellow, green, gold, black, checkered, white, and tuxedo. Whenever I wear my zentai suit, I would sleep in it or relax while watching TV.
My suits are like a second skin in which I wear so comfortable and I do not feel ashamed of wearing them. Plus, I like the idea of wearing something that would cover my face because many people will not know it's me in the zentai suit. Sometimes, I wish I could wear it for a whole week. Most of the time, I would wear my suits for parties/events on campus or in public for mini-shoots. My favorite suit is my checkered suit. I like wearing a suit all is all black and white.
I would wear it for game night or parties. I would like to meet zentai people around my area so we could hang out and walk around in zentai in public or whatsoever.

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