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felt on my body

    I have not been able to come out an tell the world who I am, I know I will one day but that is not yet. knowing this, I still needed a way to be who i am, to feel sexy and get to know my self better. one day I discovered Zentai. one piece of material sculpted to hug the body, allowing people to see me for who i am without revealing my identity.
It opened up a whole world of possibilities, with this Zentai i was able to go on facebook and meet other people like my self, share in there photo's as they share in mine, talk to other people and await the time I can go out an meet people. Zentai has also helped me raise money for charatity at my college through the Student Union.
I love the way the smooth material glides up my body and compresses my form just enough so that i can feel the spandex/lycra hug me. in secret i wear the clothing and hope one day that my hand will be joined by anothers as we explore each other and our hands glide across our forms.

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