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We believe that everyone has zentai stories that may be romantic, cool, funny, or a bit of sad. However, we still desire that others could read our stories, after all, it is our own zentai way.
How to join us?
It is very easy. Write down your story (article + picture will be appreciated) and send it to us at or We will share it here. This is a secret between us and nobody knows your any information. We will invite all the zentai lovers and visitors on our website to read your story. We use Facebook Like system. You will get a well-prepared zentai suit, when your story gets 150 or more facebook likes. Of course,you can invite your friends to read your story.
Award lists:
150 Facebook Likes: unicolor Zentai Suit (any colors)
300 Facebook Likes: any one zentai suit on our site
500 or More Facebook Likes: any two zentai suits on our site or we could custom-made one for you if you have your own design.
Note: every story can only exchange gift once. Authors do not pay any fee including the shipping
Activity period: long-time
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